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This green oasis in the heart of Amerikalinjen, will provide a perfect setting for your event, whether it’s a breakfast meeting, a book launch, a presentation or a clothing line launch. There will be a projector and a projection screen in the backyard. Max capacity 75 (seated guests).


Green and tasty, fresh and fancy! Morning, daytime, evening or night, we’ll serve you everything from the menu at Atlas and then some.


Our all-season, lush green garden will give you essential time for contemplation and to discover new routes to explore during your stay.


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An intimate club inspired by the New York jazz scene. This will be a venue for exclusive showcases, presentations, smaller concerts and private dining. The separate kitchen, bar and stage area makes this into an unique downtown Oslo spot. The club will have both a projector and a projection screen. Max capacity 70 people (seated guests).